Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 7 - The Bye

The dreaded bye week. The week where Texans fans hope to see an AFC South loss or at the very least a Cowboys loss. This far what we have seen has been mostly negative, except of course for team on the bottom of the AFC South totem pole slipping a little farther down.

The Jaguars had their hands full with a much improved Kansas City Chiefs team lead by Matt Cassel. Coming off a loss to the Texans in Week 6, we knew that Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis would come out firing against an inconsistent Jaguar defense, blowing this one out 42-20 in KC.

The Titans weren't so easy to watch for a Texans fan Sunday however. With VY out, Kerry Collins led the Titans to 37-19 win over the Eagles in Nashville with the help of a statement game by WR Kenny Britt receiving over 200 yards and 3 TDS Sunday, regardless of being benched the entire 1st quarter for an altercation he found himself in at a local Nashville night club. A lot of fantasy owners lost games based on Chris Johnson's performance early Sunday, or lack there of, reaching only 66 yards on the ground.

But at least we get a week off to prepare for our most hated enemies the Colts right? Well...sure, except they had the week off to prepare for us as well. I doubt they'll get caught looking ahead to they're Week 9 matchup against the Eagles this year, especially after they're opening weekend embarrassment here in Houston.

We're all Giants fans tomorrow night though right? Go Texans

Standings through 7 weeks:

Tennessee     5-2
Houston        4-2
Indianapolis   4-2
Jaguars          3-4!/cmonarch03


  1. This post is really good, cut and dry, thanks

  2. I'm a Giants fan tonight .... the only thing better than Cowboy fans in misery is UT fans in misery ... so come on Giants, let makes it a 2-2 weekend